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    Dated: 2/11/2006
Everyone knows the story of the goose that laid a golden egg each day, until killed by its owner who hoped to get lots of golden eggs at once. Most of us would laugh at the foolishness of this greedy man. But isnít such greed and impatience common amongst us ? Donít we think we are the most important people on earth ? That itís everybodyís duty to help us in whatever we are doing, since we are the hub of the world ? Donít we think that whatever we desire should be fulfilled without much delay ? And, our share should be the biggest. And, we need not apply ourselves, if we can get away with it ?

But what is the result of such warped thinking ? We get irritated when things do not work out as we want, while some of us remain eternally dissatisfied.

Sure, greed and impatience are difficult to overcome. However, the following may help. One can try to be genuinely humble by having or showing a modest opinion of oneís own importance. One can try to share ; give importance to others ; serve others ; donate whatever can be spared ; not be envious ; strive harder ; become more deserving ; have faith in Godís justice ; have conviction that only those rewards shall come which do not corrupt ; learn more ; and acquire skills. And be very busy since idle minds create problems, whereas a busy person always remains hopeful.

Additionally, one should seek assistance of others to become better ; respect the abilities of others ; and enjoy the actual doing of something rather than only wanting the recognition.

Failures should spur us to try harder and it is a very good idea to pray for intelligence, tolerance and patience. Realizing that there is less space on top, like in a pyramid, can help. After all, one competes against the very best for higher gains. Meanwhile, we can try to rejoice with the successful. After all, they too are striving.

The Bhagavad-Geeta says : ďOne who feels pleasure within ; is peaceful inside ; who is illuminated from within ; has true knowledge ; he can achieve blissful liberationĒ ( 5.24). Do let us become friendly with ourselves.
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