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    Dated: 7/15/2005
The long-awaited summer vacations have arrived. The son, eager to visit his parents, boards a long-distance train. He is carrying his cellphone. There is a breaking news on television - several trains have been affected due to flooding of railway tracks. One train has derailed and passengers have suffered serious injuries. The son's cellphone does not answer.

Sounds familiar ? There are many instances in our life when we come across such worrying situations. How does one tackle them ? The Bhagavad-Geeta has the answers. It says we must have faith in God who has declared, “This material nature works under My direction”. This means nothing happens by chance, something shall happen to us only if we deserve it. It adds, “Do whatever is possible but don’t meditate on the likely outcomes”. According to the Geeta, worrying is just not wise.

A more common worry is when our dear ones choose to behave irresponsibly. Again, the Geeta says, “Do whatever is best possible”. And surrender one’s freedom to act to God – seek directions from him through bonafide scriptures, like the Geeta or from a spiritual person.

We are not in a position to protect someone bent upon harming himself or change him, but one can surely try to protect oneself. Since we are in no position to take away someone else’s right to act unless that someone is a child, we should mentally de-link ourselves from them. We do have a responsibility towards ourselves.

This insulation is best done by meditating, seeking solutions instead of worrying oneself sick about possible disasters, trying to be least dependant upon others and in the ultimate analysis, being prepared to tolerate things since suffering cannot be eliminated from this material world. Of course, being busy makes the mind peaceful.

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