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    Dated: 5/6/2006
When I was studying in school, there was a science teacher who was tall and well-built. The subject, as well as his personality, used to have an overpowering effect on me. He was very good in his subject, and consequently very much in demand for tuitions. But he had a very strict principle : he would not go to anyoneís house ; money was not a consideration.

It so happened that the owner of the large industrial complex ( our school was part of it ) had a son, who was weak in science. The owner sent for our science teacher and asked him to help his son. The son, who was very spoiled, refused to go to the teacherís house and the self-respecting teacher refused to go to the studentís.

Whenever I think of this, I admire the courage and will-power of our teacher. How could he refuse to obey his employer ? Fortunatley, the owner was not an unfair man ; he accepted the refusal with good grace.

How many of us would have risked our jobs, especially if one were a poor school teacher ? Only strong-willed persons can take such risks. Strong will gives us many benefits : this teacher earned the respect of one and all.

How does one acquire strong will-power ? Austerity or self control enhances it. Good association and good guidance strengthen it. To be good generally is a great help. One should keep a mental balance in both happiness and distress. Additionally, one should be very active and very useful to others.

Even small, apparently insignificant lapses can damage the psyche. Acordingly the confidence level goes down. Sensuous temptations are the biggest enemies of willpower. One needs to be very very aware of how easy it is to give in to loose habits of thought, speech, self indulgence and greed. The last, in particular, is our worst enemy and needs careful monitoring in our daily life and long term goals. It ruins will power.

If we give top priority to having a strong will-power, we can actually attain it.
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