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    Category: Spirituality
    Dated: 7/24/2006
We have heard the story of Lord Buddha. He realized that unless one does something positive, human existence is full of inevitable sufferings. He, therefore, gave up sensuous enjoyments, meditated and achieved ‘nirvana’

Can we also be similarly liberated ? If yes, what do we need to do about this ? And, what are the benefits of achieving liberation ? First, what do we understand by the term liberation ?

An English dictionary defines liberation as becoming free from a situation in which one is restricted in some way or the other. Liberation means becoming free from ignorance and self-deception. The scriptures describe liberation as becoming free from six defects, like enviousness, greed, lust, etc.

If one can control the bodily urges, such as forces of tongue, genital, mind, etc one is definitely on the way of liberation. Being free from excessive attachment and detached from material allurements, too, is very important for the liberatiob of a person.

Soul is eternal and achieving that state, (that is, being able to identify one’s true nature) goes a long way in getting liberated. Being connected to God is necessary for becoming liberated. Liberation is the preferred goal of all religions and is considered the ultimate state of human life.

Everyone can achieve this exalted state by following some prescribed ways. These methods are mentioned herein. One must develop faith in God’s system, justice and fair-play. One needs to become spiritually knowledgeable.

Good qualities, as described in the scriptures must be inculcated. One must be suitably active. One needs to react positively to all situations and not lament too much. One must shoulder one’s responsibilities and must be self-sufficient in the matter of one’s maintenance. One needs many hobbies as well. Tolerance is compulsory and one needs to adjust to reality.

What are the benefits of being liberated ? One feels free, alive, peaceful, happy and joyous. One will also be sure about one’s future. Negative thoughts, like fear, anxiety must be well-controlled.

How can one tell if someone is liberated ? That person would certainly have love and affection for others. He or she would like to help and serve others without any complaint. He would be outgoing, satisfied, very sensible and knowledgeable. He or she would have control over the mind, without which liberation does not mean much.

One would transcend bodily consciousness. That person shall always act as per the highest standards. Health shall be good ; he would have bright face and pleasing demeanour. He must be humble with feet planted firmly on the ground. More importantly, he must always be in a position to think and speak positively.

The best part of being liberated is that one does not have to die for it. One can be quite liberated in this life itself.
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