Inner Peace, A Way To Better Life
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    Dated: 11/13/2006
I used to conduct workshops on various student-related topics in a convent school for their senior students. Each time I meet the principal, I would be amazed by her serenity and wondered how one could be so peaceful in a stressful place like a school, even though that happened to be a girls’ school.

Not able to resist curiosity any longer, I requested her for an interview, which she graciously granted. Preparing for the interview, I researched the causes and factors, which could contribute to someone’s peacefulness. I discovered a few qualities that would help anyone to stay calm.

During the course of the interview, I found that she possessed all of them. “I am very content in my chosen profession”, she stated. That she loved to be with children, especially since she was also contributing to their future welfare was of great help. Next was tolerance. She told me that through kindness, reason and religion , she has been able to meet all the challenges that she had to face, and like everyone else she too had to face many.

How about fears, worries and anxieties ? She explained that having consecrated her body to Jesus, such things did not bother her much. “Still, what do you do when you run into some serious problem ? “I seek help from my fellow nuns, but ultimately I am totally surrendered to Jesus”, she affirmed. Do you enjoy what you do ? “Yes ! with so many lovely children around, how can one not enjoy life ? She replied. I agreed with her that such friendly feelings towards children, could only make one peaceful.

Continuing on, I haltingly asked her about trouble from her senses. She reminded me that she too had a material body like everyone else, which did agitate but she was able to counter the feelings by reading the Bible. “The senses were more turbulent when I was younger, but now I am very peaceful ; studying of the scriptures is a great help”, she informed. “Austere living, renunciation of the materialistic concept of life and the mood of sacrifice have been of great help, she said. Rounding off, she stated that she loved nature and enjoyed being with it.

Still, I had one final question : “The post of the principal of a school requires strictness. How can you stay calm in those circumstances ?” “I am like a potter, strict from outside but very soft and supportive from inside”. In the end, she concluded. “To be really peaceful, one has to make peace with oneself , which I have done”. There is so much to learn from her.

Peace is strength of life. It is positive energy without much tension in life. Those who are strong enough to live in peace and contentment, are the strongest and they do maximum good to the world and humankind.

One shyoud always keep in mind that everyday is an opportunity to put the power of peace to work in your life. Though there may be ups and downs all around you, with a peaceful heart and mind one can find the inner strength to make each and every moment more beautiful in life.

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