Catching Time At The Tide
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    Dated: 12/26/2006
I have a favourite restaurant where I go occasionally. I have become friendly with the supervisor of the serving staff. One Sunday, the restaurant was overflowing and the staff was struggling to cope with the rush. Feeling quite harassed, the supervisor opened his heart and said how sorry he was to be in that situation. He told me how he was waited upon by two servants in his school days, as the son of a General and how he squandered his opportunities and finally had to wait himself upon so many people.

Are we similarly missing out by not utilizing our opportunities when we have them ? To understand this, let us understand what time is. Lord Krishna states in the Bhagavad-Geeta, “I am time” (11.32). “Among the ones who keep track, I am time” (10.30). “I am eternal time” (10.33).

One can thus understand how valuable time is. More over it is said that opportunities do not knock twice; that time is very unforgiving that it is money. Though time moves at a constant speed, it appears to move fast when things go well and slowly when one is miserable.

The Gita says we are allowed a certain number of years in particular vehicles (18.61), which are our present bodies to make proper use of. As souls, we always exist (2.12), but one’s stay in a particular body is limited. Neither good times nor bad times last forever but we can, by the right actions prolong the good times.

We can try to make progress in good times when the consciounsenss is better. In bad times, we should meditate and try to learn from our mistakes. Sicne life is meant for moving forward, consciousness should progressively become better. We should constantly purifiy our existence, gain knowledge and be tolerant because no one is privileged. To be patient and try to establish contact with God is to achieve real freedom as long as one lives and gets liberation subsequently. In the end, it is about making sure we do not waste time.

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