Of Life's Brick And Mortar
    Published in: The Pioneer
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    Dated: 2/26/2007
I recently saw a film in which the protagonist bore some personal animosities against a powerful group. He got injured and took shelter with a family, who nursed him back to health. There was a young girl in the family with whom the he fell in love. When the time came to leave, he wanted the girl to come along. On account of very strong family attachment, she refused and opted to live with the pleasant memories of their time together.

The ‘hero’ then told her, “ The moment I leave this place without you, I shall forget all about you. I would like to live with you, not your memories. I believe in enjoying my present. I know only one thing - my present.” Ultimately, the girl accompanied him.

The story was well narrated. It is an undeniable fact that one can live only in the present. One may wish to relive one’s memories, but that the present is the fact cannot be ignored.

There are people who live mainly in the present, even compromising on their future: what else can explain excessive eating, drinking and other indulgences? We should neither barter away our present for the future, nor should we spoil our future for the present because future too shall surely come. And, this future shall be what we have made of it, nothing different.

What should we do? We must enjoy our present. If the circumstances are not favourable, our mind needs to transcend them and become immune. Human intelligence should be used. One needs to find something to be happy about, not some reason to be miserable. There should always be a reality check. Why be sad or morose? Do something about it. If you cannot, you should bear with it by accepting your mistake.

We are privileged to be born as human beings. It is an insult to the human intelligence if one is unhappy. Sadness means indulging in self-deception. Human birth is not meant to be unhappy; animals don’t have the necessary facilities like ours.

Enjoyment is a prerogative of the mind, not the senses, as such enjoyments are transitory. Enjoyment isn’t limited to sensuous; it has more to do with the state of one’s mind than the physical surroundings though they do affect the consciousness. Being busy and focused on the right things brings real enjoyment. And, doing good deeds ensures that.

Unfortunately, the current trend is materialistic; it is to accept suffering readily as if living meant suffering. Surely, being happy is more difficult. But there are unlimited possibilities in today’s world; we need to harness them.

Let us make a resolve to be happy irrespective of the odds. We need a blissful present, as much as liberation in the future. One needs to enjoy the present without compromising one’s future. If anything our actions should contribute to a healthy future.

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