The Comfort Zone (25 Ways To Lead A Comfortable Life)
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    Dated: 6/1/2007
Who doesn’t want to lead a comfortable life? Most of our efforts like earning enough money, buying luxury items are directed towards leading a comfortable life. We also wish our comforts to last forever. In short, we dearly wish to be in a comfort zone. This is not a dream if only we can follow a few guidelines in opulences, habits, interpersonal behaviour, ways to reduce suffering, and spiritual activities.

OPULENCE Nanto’sti mama divyanam vibhutinam parantapa, which means if we wish to be comfortable, have more opulence, better it shall be. Try to follow these simple tips.

Looks – If we dress properly for any occasion, we would feel comfortable. And if we have inner beauty that makes for a better situation. We can develop an aura of inner beauty by being a good person.

Fame & image – Fame brings rewards. If the image one has created matches with what one actually is, one would feel comfortable. The mismatch between what we are and what we pretend to be is a major cause of overstress.

Knowledge & intelligence – One, who has the right and sufficient knowledge, would feel comfortable in most situations and shall also know what to do. Therefore, the process of learning should never stop.

Renunciation & austerity – Unless someone has simple taste, one would get tense in many situations. One may have a lot of opulences, but one should not be attached to them.

Strength & health – If you have good health, you would feel comfortable. The other kind of strength is power, which is also very welcomed, since it counters fears and makes one feel secure.

Wealth & security – Many studies have pointed out how wealth induces a feeling of security and happiness. Since money is a medium for exchange of goods and services, money makes for a merrier situation.

HABITS Modes – Those in the mode of goodness go upwards. Those in the mode of passion remain where they are. And, those in the mode of ignorance go downwards. Therefore, we must ensure that we are mostly in the mode of goodness.

Desires, passion and lust – We must ensure that our desires are of the right kinds and we must not be passionate about wrong things. Lust should be avoided under all circumstances.

Goals, challenges and stress – One should set worthwhile goals for oneself otherwise one would find oneself in awkward situations. Similarly, one should take challenges, which are within one’s resources.

BEHAVIOUR Guidance & help – One should seek help or guidance when in ignorance or in doubt. One must have many teachers to assist in this, without being too dependent on any one of them. Only then one can become self – sufficient and confident.

Being useful & service others – Unless one serves others or is useful to others, how can one ever manage because we always need so much from others in order to just survive. Good deeds help us to remain connected.

Friendship & family – The right company in the times of happiness and distress, makes one comfortable. One who has a good family, which in turn is dependent on all its members, enjoys peace and serenity.

Humility & self-respect – Unless one has humility, one is bound to get tensed. Also, self-respect makes one tolerate unfavaurable occurrences, without becoming tensed.

Speech & humour – Having a good control over words and to be able to make light of a situation makes everyone comfortable. Humour puts people at ease.

Control over anger – We can be displeased but should always be able to control anger. We should not lose control over ourselves. Our expression should be without malice or rancour, only just and appropriate.

AVOIDANCE OF SUFFERING Types of foods –We should eat foods in goodness, which would ensure good feeling. Foods in passion cause distress, misery and disease. The foods in ignorance should not even be thought of.

Quantity of foods – One who can control the urges of the stomach can ensure a good physique, besides good health, free from debilitating diseases.

Leisure, entertainment & vacation – We all need sufficient and appropriate quantity of leisure and entertainment. For this, we must take vacation from time to time. This puts one’s material body at ease.

Hobbies – More hobbies one has, less bored one shall be. Therefore, a wise person develops many hobbies.

Type of work – One’s profession should be legal, moral and acceptable to others. When we violate a law, it is bound to cause stress.

Being engaged – Everyone should be gainfully engaged. Unless someone is generally busy, one would feel uneasy & bored.

Sleep – We must sleep as per body requirement and shouldn’t hesitate in taking a nap during the day.

Exercises – Exercise is essential for material bodies and minds.

SPIRITUAL ACTIVITIES Meditation & chanting – These are not optional activities but essential for human beings. They bring peace of mind and a certain degree of aloofness, to feel comfortable.

Faith – Trust and dependence on God ensure fearlessness. As one makes progress, one is assured of liberation.

One may feel that all these are too much to do. That is true because being comfortable for extended periods is a great rarity. Only the most determined would achieve it.

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