Live With Self-Respect
    Published in: The Pioneer
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    Dated: 6/18/2007
The violent agitation by Gujjars a few weeks back for inclusion of their community in the ST category is a classical example of vote-bank politics gone horrible wrong. There is always a temptation to get something without any action, but intelligent and mature people know that there is no such thing as fruit without karma.

In the Bhagavad-Geeta, Lord Krishna instructs, “ You should always perform your duty. Because doing work is better than not doing work. Maintenance of the body shall also not be possible through inaction.”

Every act we do brings its own fruit. Then, how can we except to get positive results without doing anything? One’s present condition has a lot to do with his or her acts in the past. The society cannot be blamed for someone’s problems. No doubt, it is the duty of a benevolent society to assist these unfortunate souls to undo their past and lead a good life. Unfortunately, this is not what is being attempted by the power-that-be because such affirmative actions require a lot of efforts on their part. They prefer to take the easier route of making false promises. The Opposition, too, supports such fraudulent caste-based reservations, being afraid of displeasing its target voters.

As far as God is concerned, Krishna clearly states, “ The four divisions of the human society, based on qualities and activities have been created by Me.” God doesn’t promote birth-based divisions. On the other hand, the supreme being encourages one to pursue one’s duty. All these principles are clearly laid down in the Bhagavad-Geeta. We often swear by this holy text but do the opposite.

The result is the destruction of social cohesion, leading to class wars. Besides, who pays when the incompetent are given responsible positions, in the name of reservation? Also, we cannot make promises to someone at the expense of others; it is bound to create mutual resentment. Action brings results, while freebies promote parasitic culture.

The solution lies in helping the poor to achieve excellence. We must never reward mediocrity. We need positive measures, like good educational facilities for the downtrodden. If we really wish to uplift them, we need to make them proficient, not give them alms and keep them dependent forever.

Reservation, which is not time-bound, gives false hopes to the offsprings of the beneficiary, encouraging sloth. The poor should be helped in such a manner that they are able to compete with the rest of society.

In this race to show unrealistic dreams, let us not promote frustration in a section of society. Else, we will end of destroying the very foundation of our social life.

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