No Place For Happiness
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    Dated: 12/13/2007
There was a rich man who had everything that one can materially hope for; he had his personal plane, expensive cars, a large house, a villa in Spain, a thriving business, besides being blessed with a nice family. However, what he did not possess was peace of mind and consequently any happiness – ashantasya kutah sukham (Bhagavad-Gita 2.66).

Somehow or the other it got into his head that very soon he would contact some terminal disease, like cancer and die. Therefore he was focused on his body seeking signs that would indicate some malfunction. A headache would scare him of brain tumour; stomach discomfort would an ulcer; chest discomfort would point to a heart-attack; and so on. He would seek emergency medical attention and every time the doctors would assure him of his physical well-being, after conducting extensive tests on him.

This went on for quite sometime until he became a complete mental wreck. A friend advised him to meet a well-known personality, who would have a solution for his problem. The rich man sought an appointment and went there. He was ushered in that man’s study and was asked to wait.

After a while, the wise man came and listened to him. He said nothing but sent for tea. The rich man was losing his patience since he heard no solutions. He thought of leaving but stayed to drink tea, having come thus far. The host began to pour tea. He kept on pouring tea until it spilled over in to the saucer. “What are you doing? The cup is already full with tea and then you are leaving no space for any milk which I would like in my tea, besides sugar!” said the visitor.

Said the wise man: “Everyone must die. But you are not sick and far from being dead. You have filled your cup with misery and left no place for peace or happiness. Instead, count the blessing the kind Lord has bestowed upon you and be happy. The visitor was impressed.
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