Published in: Eternal Solutions
    Category: Religion
    Dated: 3/1/2008
Religion is the highest responsibility. Going back to the definitions of religion, first is that we must have faith in God; and the second is that we should worship God, that is follow his instructions dutifully. Thus, we can see that all the three – morality, duty and religion – have the same meanings in a broader sense. Religion owes its origin to God: duty to time, place and circumstances: and morality to the existing norms. Religion or rules propounded by God is the highest responsibility for the humans, whereas duty has more to do with the current realities, and morality is what the society expects from us. Any religion which does not appear moral or which advocates hatred is not bonafide: religion must be moral, too. Duty cast upon a person must at all times be guided by both morality and religion. And ultimately we must be moral and above reproach at all times.

So, what is the conclusion? Lord Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita has clearly enunciated that the three are identical in the overall perspective. He says, “I am the wisdom (morality) of those desirous of victory” (10.38); “I am engaged in my duty” (3.22); and “human beings must follow the instructions given in bona fide scriptures” (16.24). Neither religion nor morality is a matter of only theoretical discussion; they must be dutifully followed according to time, place and circumstances. For human beings, all the three are compulsory, the only thing is that they have different names but mean the same.

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