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    Dated: 8/30/2008
Today practically everyone is seeking more and more material comforts, hoping these would make them happy. Are people in possession of such objects truly happy? A recent survey of materially well-off Singaporeans revealed that 90 percent of such people were actually not happy.

Why is this so? For an answer, let us turn to the Bhagavad-Geeta. In the verse 5.22 Lord Krishna warns that indulging in material pleasures results in misery, not happiness. Such sense enjoyments leave one unsatisfied and lusting for more.

Then how can one be happy? Contrary to the popular perception, one has to actually shun external material objects and turn inwards for happiness. One has to control urges of lust to have any realistic chance at being happy. This is because the actual happiness is within us. Material objects do not provide us true happiness. They only give us temporary pleasure.

However, there is a real danger in turning inward without having the realization that one is a soul, not a material body. Blocking all contact with sense objects will surely help; one would avoid their harmful consequences like having illicit relationships. But turning inward has its own pitfalls, such as becoming very body conscious, and picking up signals of ill-health from one’s body. One would then become very fearful instead of being happy.

Then what is the way forward? As has been explained in the second chapter of the Bhagavad-Geeta, at first we must come to terms with our true identity of being indestructible, unchanging and eternal souls. Once we do that we will slowly begin to focus our attention on the soul and subsequently we will start working for the requirement of the soul only as opposed to the body.

Therefore, let us seek happiness within ourselves; we have the keys in our pockets. Why are we searching for happiness? How long will we continue to chase the fleeting, while ignoring the real? Our thinking needs to be thoroughly overhauled if we are to be truly happy. Instead of chasing the butterfly we need to discipline ourselves and sit quietly. For then the butterfly will surely come and preach on our head. So, let us start treating every incident in our lives exactly the same, whether they are good or bad. Then we will surely experiences bliss.

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