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    Dated: 9/13/2008
The most difficult question that a person can be asked is what is his or her purpose in life. People can actually be categorised according to what their purpose in life is. The most basic purpose for living in is just to go on living. This is described as pranamaya stage. In this stage a person is happy simply to exist. He or she wishes for material comforts. Ambition, fame and fortune are things that keep such people going.

The next purpose for living is to always strive to become better and to learn new things. This stage is called jnanamaya stage. Then come those who live to do pious deeds such as give donations, visit religious places, etc, which they feel will be useful to them in the afterlife. Such people are in the vijnanamaya stage. The next category of people are those who are in the anandamaya stage. These people seek liberation and moksha. This is also the highest stage of living.

However, all these goals have positives and negatives. Foe example, the first type of people are better than those who are involved in immoral and illegal activities. However, their precious human lives are wasted. The ones who just like to be comfortable cannot always be so, since time changes everything. Opulence might make one feel good himself but the price paid in the overall context of rebirth is a complete waste.

Those inclined to improving their lot and making progress do quite well in life, though sustained efforts are needed to reap benefits. Accumulation of pious deeds act as insurance for the afterlife but such persons miss the highest goal of liberation. People engaged in social service are well-respected but such motives require a drastic change in the selfish mind-set that we generally have. On the other hand, seeking liberation is great but would require a complete overhaul of one’s lifestyle. It requires a great amount of austerity and sacrifice. One has to discipline himself/herself through meditation and tapasya and seek enlightenment through rigourously study of the scriptures.

Many of us would have more than one purpose for living but where we finally end up would depend on what our main objective in life is. Life is extremely precious, therefore, we must try to live it the best we can. Let us not waste time in living life full.

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