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    Dated: 10/4/2008
Though it is impossible to be all-knowing like God, but the general preponderance of ignorance is quite amazing. Practically everyone assumes that whatever he or she knows is adequate and that additional knowledge is unnecessary. No wonder so few feel the need to pursue higher spiritual studies after they finish their basic education. The only knowledge that they gain subsequently is what is forced upon them, like how to operate a cell phone.

Why is it so? This is mainly because very few people are willing to undertake the dedication and discipline required to gain knowledge. They feel that it is not worth the effort. Thus, few are inquisitive enough even to ask the basic questions about life, its aims, etc.

The result of such ignorance is widespread illusion. One can find many falling in this trap. I am the smartest and shall prove this fact to the world. I can fool others and shall not be caught. I can control others. This world is for my enjoyment. I am special and superior to others. Rules donít apply to me. I do not need any guidance. What I know is sufficient. To ask someone makes me inferior to them. It will make me look like a fool, which I must avoid.

Such people tend to place too much of faith in sense enjoyments. Even though such things can never lead to satisfaction and come with a hefty price tag, they believe that the goal of human life is to maximize sensual pleasures and that hard-work and spirituality should be avoided as far as possible. Where is the need for God? Does God even exist?

It is shocking how many people think like this. These are the people who suffer the most in their lives and yet are so blinded by ignorance that they canít see that the root of the problem is their outlook on life.

How does one remove such an overpowering illusion? To begin with one should try to hear and read about spiritual topics as much as possible. They should also befriend spiritual persons and learn as much as they can from them. But most importantly they should start reaffirming their faith in a higher power. They should slowly come to the realization that not everything is within their control and that we humans are noting more than a speck of dust in the cosmic scheme of things. If we do that we will slowly begin to start seeing things more clearly. Slowly we will realize the futility of our materialistic ways and open ourselves to God. And that will lead us to true happiness.

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