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    Dated: 10/11/2008
We all are crave for pleasure but do we know what a real pleasure is? Unfortunately, most of us donít and assume that pleasure is related to our physical senses and is meant to satisfy us. It is because of this thinking that we overlook our mental and spiritual well-being. Also, unless we are at peace mentally and spiritually, we will not be able to indulge ourselves in physical pleasures either.

We shall return to the subject of peace of mind but before that let us analyze sense pleasures. These relate to oneís body, and therefore, are not pleasures that truly satisfy us. One can see this in our day-to-day experiences. Our lust and carving for such pleasures never cease to exist. Once you experience them you can never be content. You will always want more. More specifically, pleasures of the sensuous type may give some momentary delight but leave one very dissatisfied. Unfortunately, we have a natural attraction for sense pleasures; we are in effect wired or programmed for them.

On the other hand, let us see what real pleasures are. Our scriptures inform us that we are souls, not these physical bodies that we assume ourselves to be. Souls are, simply put, parts of God. If God be the eternal flame of the cosmos, we as souls are burning candles drawing light from the same fire. This establishes two facts. First, we must be creative. And second, one should try and be useful to others. When a soul does these two acts of being creative and being helpful, it feels satiated and blissful.

What is it that makes great people great? It is that they are creative and useful to others. But how does one convince oneself of this important fact? Yes, it is difficult, but it must be done. It is true that sense pleasures are easy to get. But they are not valuable. Whereas, pleasures of creation are hard to obtain, but extremely valuable. They give us a great feeling of mental and spiritual peace. It is this peace that is vital for enjoying any pleasure that life has to offer. Pleasures related to the soul make one feel clean, not dirty. They elevate and do not degrade. They give true happiness. By seeking the same one creates assets for the future. Life starts taking an upward curve. The future becomes clear and secure.

The choice is ours. We can choose sense pleasures and forever remain enslaved to them or we can seek true mental and spiritual satisfaction the will not only help us grow and prosper but also give us eternal peace.

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