Be Detached To Avoid Pain, Anger
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    Dated: 11/1/2008
Not everyone is wise enough to realize that attachments to one’s own body, relatives and friends, wealth, power, fame, etc all give us pain. There is a world of difference between doing one’s duty towards the above and being attached to them. While one performs his or her duty he or she does everything possible without worrying about final result – something which is not in our own hands.

Let us understand why being attached to someone or something is so painful. We identify ourselves with our material bodies, which are just outer shells for our souls. Such attachments cause bondage and all kinds of fears. We lose our sense of equanimity and as a result we might end up doing something illegal or immoral. In such a scenario one might also avoid his or her real duties and is unlikely to pursue any spiritual objectives. One may also end up considering money or sex as the be all and end all of everything. Such attachments are most painful when they don’t work out as we start blaming and hating ourselves for our failures and losses.

The next question is how do such attachments develop and continue ? First, being something as small as souls we all have a natural tendency to attach ourselves to something. Second, most of us have little or no spiritual knowledge. We hardly have any faith in god and his perfect set-up. Also, not many seek guidance from knowledgeable persons in this regard. Thus, we tend to maintain close contact with sense objects, which get more alluring with each passing day. All this is the result of us being under the influence of passion and ignorance.

So, how does one overcome such counter-productive attachments? To being with one must constantly remind oneself about all the harms such attachments bring. The pain and suffering they cause. On the other hand, one should focus on the advantages of not being attached to material objects. One must try to master the mind and control one’s emotions. There should be a desire to seek liberation from this material world and be one with god. Austere living and high thinking should be the motto.

If we do this this we will soon see ourselves rise above materialistic desires. We will find ourselves becoming more spiritual and more happy.

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