Aggression Is Harmful
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    Dated: 1/1/2009
The present day culture is regressing to the ancient jungle culture, when might was right. It is becoming more and fashionable to terrorize others, and feel proud about it, as if this is some kind of great personal achievement. In homes, one tries to establish supremacy by being aggressive. In offices, one tries to scare people into submission. Road rage has become quite common these days. The offence will be small but our reaction would be ridiculous. Our mentality is becoming like that of animals; we are treating other with disdain.

Such behaviour is doing great harm to the society in general. Aggression on the part of family members is a major cause for family rifts. Even when the matter would be minor, the behaviour would be unacceptable. In offices, bullying vitiates the atmosphere. Schools are now being forced to grapple with this serious problem.

Aggressiveness is defined as being angry, and behaving in a threatening way, ready to attract. What are the reasons behind it? One has his or her own ideas about the rules, or we assume that the rules donít apply to us. We have double standards, than is, one set of rules for ourselves, if any, and another set for other, and we feel that we can get away with it. There is bodily consciousness wherein we donít see others as souls. We lack mercy, compassion. There is especially true when we get behind steering wheels. Suddenly, one has power, which otherwise one does not possess, and one is inclined to misuse it.

Such aggressive behaviors creates enimity; provokes other to act foolishly; affects oneís health; isolates one from others; creates bad blood all around; forces one to deviate from oneís duty; and it affects peace of mind.

How does one cure oneself from this harmful habit? The Bhagavad-Gita has the answer. One should realize that everyone is a soul and equal (5.18). One should practice equanimity (5.20). Keeping good company helps. Good guidance helps. Faith in God is useful. One should try to be friend, the mode of goodness by doing acts that are of goodness. Humility counters this tendency as does mindís control. And, one should place oneself in the place of others and then act.

The present day terrorism is a manifestation of this aggressive behaviour. We are regressing to our animal instincts. Shouldnít we become civilized? If we donít, we shall be punished by God, who does not accept such behaviour (16.19).

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