There Is No Point In Worrying
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    Dated: 2/21/2009
We all run into difficulties in our lives. No one is immune from the pitfalls of this material world. Sri Krishna describes this world in the Bhagavad Gita as a place of troubles (Gita, 8.15). Beginning in the mother’s womb, as soon as we receive a material body, we face various kinds of challenges (Gita, 2.14). However, god has given us intelligence to overcome them. But unfortunately we use our thinking power more to worry than to find solutions. Such worrying is counterproductive and can even cause mental illnesses. Still we worry; and we do so out of habit because we are afraid of suffering.

Let us analyze the root cause of our sufferings. We suffer because of our acts. Our good acts bring us rewards, and our bad acts bring us punishments. All of us have accumulated such rewards and punishments throughout our lives, which fruition at their appointed times. Had there been no sinful accumulations we would not have been born all, as we would have been liberated. Also, good deeds do not cancel out bad ones, results for them come separately.

What should one do then? One can avoid making further mistakes in life but this does not solve the problem of wrong deeds done earlier. However, there is a solution which Sri Krishna has suggested: “Develop my consciousness and I shall help you in crossing all obstacles” (Gita, 18.58). God can make such a promise because he is omnipotent.

But in our daily lives we rarely do what god has suggested due to several reasons, such as out of ignorance; out of lack of faith in god, due to lack of desire to work for such assistance, material consciousness, false pride, etc. But an intelligent person would do what god has suggested. And there is nothing impossible about what god expects from us. All we have to do is simply follow god’s instructions diligently. Such instructions are there in a scripture like the Bhagavad Gita. If we are able to make a strong connection with god there is no reason why he will not help us in overcoming our obstacles. So, why not develop such a connection? God does not make false promises. All we need is faith.

There are many benefits of doing this besides being able to overcome all impediments. A devotee of God becomes fearless, satisfied, and is always at peace. Thus, why worry when you can be close to God and be happy.

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