Positive Thinking
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    Dated: 5/1/2009
Few days back, I was fortunate to see a documentary on positive thinking. The film had many experts, like a quantum physicist, a psychiatrist, a priest, a successful businessman, etc. They showed what positive thinking has done to their lives; how enriched it has become.

I am putting down what I have learnt about positive thinking from this documentary, as well as from my personal knowledge and experiences. There are four parts to it. How should one develop this quality? What benefits would one derive by doing so? Why donít we normally do so? And, what losses do we incur by negative thinking?

Beginning with how, I feel that these following measures will help in inculcating this wonderful habit. Control over the mind is crucial to achieve this goal. Faith in God is essential, as is spiritual consciousness. These come from doing spiritual activities, like meditation and chanting. With them in the process, one needs to become very alert about what one thinks; one needs to force oneself to see the positive side of everything; which is there. Meanwhile, one can keep on reminding oneself of the benefits of doing so. One must have a strong desire to think positively. Only then one would be able to practise it. Plus, one must be patient about the results one is hoping for. What benefits would one derive by doing so? One would automatically begin to work in the direction of oneís chosen goals; positive thoughts inspire. Our bodies respond in the right way. We enjoy our lives much more. Others also pick up healthy signals from us and they will be inclined to help. Isnít it a wise choice since we donít know what is in store in the future? Not only such a person can take the inevitable disappointments in oneís stride but will also positively attract benefits to oneself.

Then, why donít we do so? Negative thinking is a matter of habit; one has been doing so from the time immemorial. One is not realizing how one is harming oneself or missing out.

How does this negative thinking hurt? It is defeatist and every setback becomes a confirmation of our negative mind-set. In a way, we bring misfortunes upon our- selves without realizing it, like becoming depressed or mentally sick; we suffer in many ways what may never transpire. Even the universal energies become our enemies. We limit ourselves, since this is a stupid choice.

Let us, therefore make a resolve to begin to practise this wonderful quality from today itself, and see how it transforms our lives.

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