Decisive Action Key To Success
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    Dated: 5/20/2009
THIS IS the story of a boy from Nepal. His native place was far away from Kathmandu. There was no good school nearby. His mother wanted him to get educated so that he gets a good job. Accordingly, she sent him to live with her sister in the city. Both the husband and the son had opposed this, but she was determined.

The boy was admitted to a good public school where he did very well. It was now the time to move to a college, but there was no money for it. The boy went to a rich relative and requested for a loan. The relative, impressed by the boy, obliged.

He worked hard with determination and sincerity. Things went all well till he fell in love with a fellow student. His grades began to drop. Feeling remorse, he broke off from the girl. College over, he wished to pursue higher studies abroad. Luck favoured him again, and he got admission in an American university.

Studies over, he joined a good firm there. Time passed but he didnít feel happy and peaceful. He returned to his native place. He took up a job but it didnít satisfy him. He resigned and entered into a partnership with his rich relative who had helped him earlier with a loan. Business flourished and there was great pressure from his mother to get married; he consented.

Time passed and a kind of uneasiness crept into his psyche. Not understanding this, he consulted his friends and relatives. Someone advised him to visit a Buddhist monastery. He did and found solace there. Thereafter, he combined his material pursuits with spiritual activities.

This person succeeded in life because he was always decisive, a trait he had acquired form his mother. He consulted the right people at the right time before taking any important decisions. As they say, luck favours the brave. Unless you try, nothing comes your way. What matters in life is taking right and courageous decisions and then be resolute about them.

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