Control The Mind For Eternal Peace
    Published in: The Pioneer
    Category: Spirituality
    Dated: 6/20/2009
Surprising as it may seem, one lives in one’s mind more than one lives in his or her house. Is it not a fact that the opulences or comforts of one’s house do not cheer if one is not peace with himself or herself? Generally, people get very disturbed if left to themselves for long periods of time as their minds are not in their control. Only saintly persons can manage to live exist in seclusion because their minds are their friends.

It is because of the mind being one’s enemy that people resort to practices such as drinking and using drugs to escape reality. The same is true of excessive eating too. Some of us go out of our way to seek company which is not in our long-term interest.

If our real house – the mind – is not in order, problems like depression start to manifest. One could also find it hard to sleep and suffer from insomnia. One is also likely to be irritable when he or she does not have peace of mind. Mental diseases could start taking root. Physical health will be affected. Unhappiness, which is the direct result of loss of peace, ultimately makes for a miserable existence. Therefore, it is vital that one sets this house – the mind – in order. Good physical health is very helpful in achieving this goal. As a general rule, one must eat, sleep, work and amuse oneself in an appropriate manner. One must also do one’s duties well, that is not shirk them. In addition, one should be inclined towards giving, sharing and helping others as opposed to indulging in exploitative or lustful activities.

Trying to be a good person is also very useful in trying to achieve control over one’s mind. This is because in trying to be a good person one learns discipline, which is crucial for controlling the mind.

Lastly, connection with God is the ultimate weapon to get a handle on one’s mind (Gita, 18.62). In this connection, meditation is highly recommended. (Gita, 6.15). To have a definite purpose in life and to be focused are other useful measures for getting a grasp over one’s mind.

Once we are able to get a handle on our minds, things begin to look up in our lives and we are able to face challenges quite well. The house or the surroundings one lives in makes a difference but not to the same extent as one’s mind. Therefore, this house, the real house, must at all times be in order. Then one would be able to live with oneself quite well.

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