Faith In God
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    Category: Religion
    Dated: 7/1/2009
There were two friends. They loved to go out fishing. It was a holiday, and they decided to spend the day fishing in the ocean. They loaded their boat with the essentials and set sail.

It was a nice and sunny day and there were enjoying themselves. Suddenly, a murderous wave came and toppled their boat. They grabbed their life jackets and floated. However, almost everything was lost. They tried to swim towards safety but it was too much of a task. Ultimately, strong waves washed them ashore but on a deserted island.

Tired to the bone, they slept for long hours. When they woke up, they began to explore the island for food and water. Out of the two, one was a confirmed atheist while the other had a strong faith in God. While they searched, the atheist was all negative, “We are stuck; we would find nothing; we would die, etc.” He kept carrying on, while the faithful kept on assuring him.

Fortune smiled on them, and they located a fresh water pond. On the bank were many fruit trees. The faithful thanked the Lord for this mercy. Their survival was thus accomplished but the more difficult task to get back still remained. Again, the atheist was all discouraging, but the faithful kept on thinking of a way out and finally thought of sending a message through the life-jacket they still had. He wrote whatever description he could on the life-jacket with a pen which he still had on his person and floated it on the ocean waters. Meanwhile, his friend kept on speaking about the futility of this exercise.

Many days passed and the atheist became more and more morose, while his friend kept on trying to reassure him. Giving up hope, this man became sick, and his friend tried to nurse him as best as he could.

One day this sick person was in a very bad state and was hallucinating. He woke up in a hospital and couldn’t believe what he saw. Having assured himself that he was not dreaming, he asked for his friend. When he came this is what he said, “Your being faithful has helped us. You were always positive and kept on trying for solutions, while I was negative and discouraging. I even laughed at you while you wrote that message on the life-jacket. I am sorry.”

The moral of the story: the faithful are positive; they are suitably active and that is why God helps them.

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