The Omnipresent God
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    Dated: 8/1/2009
In ancient times, there was a famous teacher who ran a Gurukul for deserving students. He would only initiate/accept those who he felt were keen to learn. He taught them many things but especially the spiritual science. All the children were made to follow a strict regimen. A few dropped out since they could not keep up with the busy schedule followed at the Gurukul.

This manís teaching methods were special. There were no separate classes for different students.

Children of all ages studied together in one class. This was manageable since the numbers were never large. He provided books to his students and they were supposed to master them. After becoming proficient in the Sanskrit language, his students went through the various spiritual texts. They would read them and ask questions in the class. And other children were encouraged to answer such questions. This was very inspiring as the children competed to learn more and more in the shortest period.

His ways of testing were also very unique. One year, he gave slips of paper to his pupils and asked them to read the messages in complete privacy. They were supposed to come back and tell him where they managed being strictly alone.

One by one all except one returned. One boy read the message in his room after closing the door. Another read in the middle of a lake. One boy went as far as the forest and read his slip there, feeling secluded. Like this, all children had their chosen places. However, one came back only after sometime and expressed his inability to find a place where no one else was present. He explained that every time he thought he had found an ideal spot, he felt the presence of someone. The teacher hugged him and declared him the winner that year.

One of the qualities of God is His being Omnipresent. So logically He should always be with us. Why donít we feel His presence then? We donít because we neither have realized this fact not wish to feel His proximity. How would we do our nefarious activities if we thought God was watching? Only the austere want to feel Godís presence, since they need His help in going through the hard tasks undertaken by them. Spiritual practices are difficult to master; one needs a generous helping hand. The moral of the story is: follow Godís instructions as given in the bonafide scriptures like the Bhagavad-Geeta and experience His presence. Life wouldnít be the same again.

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