Devotees Are Not Losers
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    Dated: 9/1/2009
One boy was born in a family of devout. His birth came on an auspicious day and the family knew that this boy was special. This family was friendly with another family who lived in their neighbourhood. They also had a son of about the same age. These two children played together. One day, transfer orders came for the other family and they were soon gone. The boy was very sad, but shortly afterwards his mother gave birth to another boy-a readymade companion.

As this boy grew up, he was admitted to a decent school. After the initial hiccup, the boy adjusted there nicely. This time transfer orders came for his family; they had to move. The boy was sad in losing his friends at the school. Upon arrival in the new town, he was admitted to another school, which happened to be better than the last one. After finishing education, he joined a firm. He was doing well there but the company wound up on account of some fraud by the owners. He was distraught but soon he was offered a better job locally.

Meanwhile, he had joined a spiritual organization and was a regular visitor there. This organization transferred to a bigger place which was far away from this manís residence. Looking around for company of devotees, he discovered a person is his office who had similar leanings.

He continued his devotional practices and life came to an end. Prior to that, he had a dream in which God came and assured him of liberation. This boy had been a devotee in his last life and as such was born in the family of the devout (The Bhagavad-Geeta 6.42), and he continued his devotional practices in the present life as well.

What is the moral of the story? That devotees are never losers. When God takes something away from them, He gives something better. In fact, Lord Krishna has assured as much in the Bhagavad-Geeta (9.22). In the second chapter, He asks Arjuna to give up anxiety for what he has and what he desires to have (2.45), meaning that He shall take care of both of these aspects.

We have two main classes of fears: losing something and not getting something. Once we believe what the Lord has assured in the Bhagavad-Geeta, we are free from the first fear. If we lose something, we are sure to be given something better in exchange, that is we shall not be losers. God is never a debtor; He doesnít have to be. My personal experiences confirm this fact.

Therefore, let us become sincere devotees, and come under the protection of God; we shall always be gainers. Besides, God does give sufficient proof of His existence to his followers. He even protects His sincere devotees when they begin to stray; He obstructs.

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