Stay Connected With God
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    Category: Religion
    Dated: 10/24/2009
We all turn to god from time to time. Why? Because when we run out of options, we think of god and we hope that he well bail us out. He does sometimes. Why then don’t we stay connected with god? Because we are very short-sighted. Either we don’t have the knowledge of all the benefits of being connected or do not wish to apply ourselves.

The Bhagavad Gita tells us that one turns to god for four reasons: When one is in distress, for material gain, out of curiosity and one is knowledgeable (7.16). The knowledgeable is the wisest of all. Sri Krishna confirms this fact in the next verse.

The benefits of staying in touch with the god are numerous. The Bhagavad Gita says: First, god protects what one has and provides what one lacks (9.22). Second, one gets special treatment from god (9.29). Third, one can transcend all kinds of obstacles (18.58). Fourth, one is protected from the greatest fear (2.40). Fifth, the sins committed earlier do not come in the way of liberation (18.66). Sixth, one is sure to achieve liberation (18.65). Seventh, one shall be peaceful (4.39). Lastly, one wouldn’t perish under any circumstances (9.31).

It may sometimes appear that a devotee has suffered a setback but that would only be temporary and in effect benefit him in the long run.

If connecting to god is that important, than how does one connect to him? Sri Krishna guides in the Bhagavad Gita. “Have god’s consciousness; become his devotee; worship him; and honour him (18.65). Be completely surrendered to him and him alone (18.66). Whatever one does, one should do it for god and whatever one achieves should be offered to him (9.27). One should engage one’s mind in god. Similarly one’s intelligence should be linked to him (12.8). The following qualities endear one to god: Not being jealous, compassionate towards others, not being possessive, free from the fault of egoism, equipoised in all circumstances, satisfied, ceaselessly practising yoga, tolerant, detached from material gains, pure, skillful, impartial, having a balanced approach, sober in speaking and following his instructions diligently.” (12.13-20)

Therefore, one would be wise to get connected to god and stay connected. One should unlike most of the people remain connected with god and not remember him only in hour of need.

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