The Path TO Contentment
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    Dated: 11/7/2009
We all do acts with our body and mind. These acts bring fruits or karmaphala. The fruition period of these acts varies i.e some acts bear fruits soon while others take long. While some fruits are pleasant like success in exams after sustained studying, some fruits are painful like falling sick due to excessive eating. For fruits which are still to come, we have expectations. For good results, we are hopeful, and for negative fallouts we are fearful.

How about the quantum of these results? If one receives what one should have gotten one should be satisfied. However, very few accept what they receive since we all have inflated expectations about what we deserve. Similarly, we feel that we do not deserve the punishment that we get for our wrong acts. No wonder, most of us are dissatisfied and afraid.

What should one do to avoid these weaknesses? The first thing to do is to understand the theory of karmaphala. Unseen by us, higher forces determine what one deserves and when. Several factors, many unknown to us, are taken into consideration. There is no flaw in this system; it is very scientific; one must have strong faith in it.

Once we accept this premise, we benefit in many ways. For fruits already received, one is satisfied. And if one feels that one needs more, one needs to make additional efforts, which would contribute to progress. For future fruits, especially the bad ones one needs to trust god, since all punishments are meant for reformation only, and that is for our own good. Setbacks are our own karmaphalas only; there is no mistake in this. And these benefit us if one learns from them. If one looks back one would realize that whatever bad happened was for oneís good only, which is hard to see when suffering hits. A wise person knows that god loves us, thatís why he punishes. All future setbacks shall be likewise useful also. Why fear them then? It is not a question of sour grapes; one can see the connection if one looks carefully. One must have faith in god and befriend him; only then one can be peaceful and happy (Bhagavad-Geeta 2.66). Setbacks help in another way also, that is when one turns to god for help; continued success is likely to make one proud.

However, satisfaction should never mean that one sits on oneís laurels since the human life is meant for making progress. A truly satisfied person is focused and not distracted by the inevitable joys and sorrows of life.

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