Seek The Force Around Us
    Published in: The Pioneer
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    Dated: 12/19/2009
Cheating is a general propensity amongst human beings. When we cheat others, there are repercussions. What is not common knowledge is our tendency to cheat ourselves. This is very pronounced in the matter of pleasures and in our search for god.

First, let us see what we do regarding pleasures. There are several levels of pleasures, beginning with dark pleasures like hurting someone and feeling pleased about it. Then there are sense pleasures like the passion for eating tasty food. Next comes pleasure in goodness like helping someone. The highest pleasure is association with god.

But what is it that we generally do? Possessing a material body with a material mind, one is naturally attracted to sense pleasures, a trait common with animals. When one is either feeling good or bad, animal instincts surface. We start seeking sense pleasures. And one succumbs to such pleasures even though they hurt. People who resist such pleasures advance in life, remain peaceful, are secure, qualify for happiness and ultimately achieve liberation from the bondage of birth and death.

But in order to achieve this supreme state, one needs to make a connection with god. Many try to do so, but few succeed. Why is it so? In search of god, one seeks a spiritual teacher or guru. He or she guides the disciple’s spiritual development. But the prevalent tendency is to limit one’s disciples to oneself. For, the virus of materialism has caught u with these gurus as well who insist on being called ‘spiritual masters’ because they like their disciples to be their slaves and provide them with all kinds of material benefits.

The disciples also restrict themselves to their gurus. Why? It is because they can relate to them. Relating to an omnipresent god is very difficult. In the process they forget that their original intention was to connection with god is not felt. Some worship god in the form of a deity. Still, the connection with god is not felt. One needs to do more and try to feel the presence of the singular universal force. It is only then that one has achieve what one has set out to do. But this requires the right knowledge, renunciation and application. Many do not have the will and strength to achieve this. But it can be done. Therefore, let us not cheat ourselves. Let us become wise and seek god in his all-pervading form. Then only will this precious human life be well served.

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