Materialism Is The Problem
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    Dated: 1/23/2010
With materialism taking deeper roots with each passing day, more and more people, especially the youth, are moving away from religious beliefs. Therefore, a natural query arisen as to whether faith in god or a higher power is useful even in this age of scientific discoveries and high technology.

The answer is yes. There are many good reasons why spirituality is still very useful and will continue to be so. Practically speaking, one who has faith in a higher power tends to have a long-term perspective of life, whereas faithless are likely to be attracted to immediate gains. It has been observed that those who are spiritual are usually calm and composed by nature while materialistic people tend to be very passionate. Spiritualists donít sin because they are mindful of godís omnipresence. Spiritual people also do not cheat themselves by squandering their precious human lives but try to make themselves as productive as possible. They set good examples for others around them to follow.

What does the Bhagavad Gita have to say on this topic? In the verse 15.15, Sri Krishna states that from him come memory, intelligence and the ability to forget unpleasant occurrences of the past. We know how useful memory can be in moulding our lives. People connected to god develop the sixth sense. Intelligence here refers to higher intelligence that is beyond material intelligence. In fact, god guides his followers (Gita 18.66). Not only this, he also helps them overcome difficulties (Gita, 18.58).

It is a universal experience that those connected to god have peace of mind, whereas others are not likely to have this boon (Gita, 2.66). Devotees of god are more tolerant because they have strong faith in his fairness (Gita, 2.14). Spiritualists are patient since they know that real success is few and far between (Gita, 6.25). They are also more likely to be dutiful (Gita, 3.8). Equanimity is another quality often seen in people connected to god (Gita, 2.48). Devotees are also not as fearful as others. They seek liberation from the painful cycle of life and death (Gita, 5.17), and enjoy blissful existence in their present lives.

Therefore, should you have faith in God or not? More importantly, shouldnít you begin in the right earnest to develop that faith if you donít have it already?

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