Eternal Law Of The Universe
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    Dated: 2/27/2010
What is it that makes us fearful? To understand this, let us trace the origin of our bodies. We, as souls, get bodies in the wombs of our mothers. Once out bodies our take shape, we are free to make use of them as we please. But how is it that we3 commonly use our bodies? Before we answer this question, let us understand what a soul is and what should be its goal. A soul is essentially a tiny part of god (Bhagavat Gita, 15.7), and by its inherent nature is sat-cit-anand – that is eternal, conscious and blissful. Why is this so? It is because the soul is a part of god who is omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent. However, there is a catch in being part of god – we enjoy limited freedom or independence of action.

This is where there is a potential for getting into trouble and, consequent suffering. Any soul which misuses its independence suffers reactions. God has made certain rules by which the material nature functions in an impartial manner. Otherwise, how else does god manage this vast universe?

So hoe does one misuse this independence? We do so by assuming that we are the owner of our material bodies and that the fruits of our actions obtained through our bodies are for our enjoyment.

What happens due to such behaviour? There are adverse reactions in the form of suffering. Prominent ones are fears, losses, punishments, etc.

Can one escape such suffering? Yes, if one does the following. One should always identify oneself to be a part of god and not an independent entity in the shape of one’s body. One should offer all fruits of action obtained through one’s body and the opulences one is blessed with to god and give all credit for any success or achievement to the almighty without whose help no act would have reached fruition (Bhagavat Gita, 18.14).

If one does so, one can minimises suffering, and is able to revert back to one’s original sat-cit-anand. However, there are traps which one must avoid in order to continue in this blissful state. Going against the laws of nature is a sure way of bringing misery upon oneself. The idea should be to harmonies one’s actions according to this principle.

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