Liberation, the Final Aim
    Published in: The Pioneer
    Category: Spirituality
    Dated: 4/3/2010
The Bhagavad-Geeta informs us that a soul is a part of god (15.7). Souls always get bodies. There are millions of species that have souls. There is also process of automatic transmigration within various species till a soul reaches the human form. At this level, the theory of deed and fruit becomes applicable; that is all actions must bear fruit at their appointed time. There is no escape from the consequences of one’s actions so long as one continues in the human form. In case a soul is demoted to one of the other species, all the accumulated unexhausted fruits, both good and bad are erased.

God is forced to demote envious and cruel souls to lower species because they do not deserve to remain in the human form. One can accuse god of being unfeeling. One may also ask as why we are not forewarned about such a system. But our scriptures give us sufficient warning. God is not obliged to warn us individually. A system is there and we are supposed to avail of it. Plus, god does not encroach upon our freedom to choose.

All such information is available in our scriptures. And we can seek clarifications through enlightened souls. Therefore, it is up to us to be well-informed and to act on such knowledge. By doing so we would avoid accumulate bad karma. The smart thing to do would be not accumulate bad deeds in this life. Then our future will be truly bright. God is absolutely fair (Gita, 9.29). The system he has created is also very scientific. There are no flaws in this system. Delay in getting fruits of one’s actions does not mean that there is a fault in the system, even though it may sometime appear to be so.

One who is linked to god gets all kinds of help, guidance, intuition, assurance, etc, from the almighty. The latter promise to help those connected to him in crossing all impediments (Gita, 18.58). Therefore, let us become well-informed and do everything right in terms of our mind, body and soul. Meanwhile, we should tolerate all suffering brought upon us by our pervious in our next life. Ultimately, our final aim should be liberation or moksha.

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