Spiritual Quest
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    Dated: 3/1/2010
According to the present scientific knowledge, earth is the only known planet where life exists. Then what about heaven and hell mentioned in our scriptures? In the Pauranic literature, there is even mention of several different types of hells. The universe is very vast. Why should we discount what we donít know? Could there be movement between different planets? Again, there could be since the entire creation is one. Could there be a spiritual planet, meaning where bodies are spiritual, that is different from material like ours? If we accept the reality of souls being spiritual, then spiritual bodies are also a strong possibility. We see so many species and so many different types of bodies, then why should we rule out this possibility.

Who administers these different planets? By logic, we have to accept that there must be a controller as we see in any organization, nation, etc. This controller has to be God only. Does He administer the creation by Himself or does He have help? According to our scriptures, there are many gods and goddesses who assist God in this work. Does someone administer death? Yes! This department is held by Yamaraj.

What about the relationship between God and souls? The Bhagavad-Geeta informs that we are parts of God (15.7). This is different from the son and father concept, though an individual soul can establish such a relationship with God. Is soul different from God? Yes! Because soul is part only. No! Because souls have the same spiritual content. How many souls are there? As the galaxy is unlimited, we shouldnít put any limit on the number of souls.

Is there any benefit in connection with God? Yes! There is, since He is all-powerful and controls everything; He is the repository of all opulences or whatever is good. Should there be such a vast difference between our powers and Godís? Yes! There must be otherwise it would be impossible to administer such a big creation. However, God has all the good qualities like compassion, which He shows on the deserving. How does one please God? There are set procedures for doing this, and God does not show an partiality in this (9.29).

Does God punish also? He certainly does, especially those who are envious and cruel (16.19). He sends them into lower species, if not to hellish planets. Is sending to lower species not an extreme punishment? Donít we give death punishment for the most heinous crimes? But how could God be so unfeeling? He goes by the theory of act and its consequence; emotions donít have any role in this. He even grants liberation to the deserving, that is freedom from the forced cycle of birth and death. Therefore, let us follow Godís instructions, as detailed in scriptures like the Bhagavad-Geeta and reap all kinds of benefits.

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