Friendship works when prayer fails
    Published in: The Pioneer
    Category: Morality
    Dated: 5/22/2010
Getting help form god is not as simple as praying for it. We are individual souls, free to make our wishes depending on our circumstances. And once someone has acted upon that wish, the laws of cause and effect would deliver results. It is done fairly and impartially, though not necessarily immediately. God does not interfere in any of this.

Not having obtained a desired result, an individual soul must decide on the next course of action. Oneís actions have many fruits Ė good and bad. Money is an example of one of lifeís good fruits. Money can be used in various ways. It can be used to fulfill our necessities, a desirable goal. Money can also be misused in a wasteful and depriving manner. Such a use degrades the spirit. When money is used to help others it uplifts the same. One can accumulate or hoard money. Money can be used in activities like visiting holy places. This brings one closer to god.

When it comes to the bad fruits, such as a disease, one has fewer choices. One can suffer silently or get depressed. One can take the help of a doctor. One can also blame others for oneís condition, and thus make enemies. One can also seek Godís help through prayer.

The question is: Who is eligible for godís help? Everyone prays but is praying when in trouble enough? The answer is obvious. Whoever has used lifeís good fruits to get close to god has qualified for His help. One who has shared their good fruits with god has made Him their partner. This is the god-consciousness which Lord Krishna speaks about in the Bhagavad-Geeta. Now god is bound to help His partner in the time of his or her need.

What about those who help others but have no connection with God? Such acts qualify as good deeds, eligible for rewards. But unless the fruits that result from them are utilized to come close to god, His help is not assured. Sharing the fruits of oneís actions with god is better than knowledge and meditation, says Krishna. Let us not waste any further time in becoming friends of god.

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