Death Is A Friend
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    Dated: 6/23/2010
One saintly person was on his way from Badrinath to Kedarnath. He and his disciples were on their annual pilgrimage. Halfway to Kedarnath, he felt intense chest pain. He stopped walking and assessed his situation. He felt that his body had become incurable and he should leave his body.

He gave the necessary instructions to his disciples and asked them to leave him alone. His disciples tried to persuade him to seek help from a nearby place. But the saintly person was determined to immediately go into ‘samadhi.’

The moral of this story? That man was not afraid of death. He knew the inevitability of death and accepted this with good grace.

How do we view death? The very thought or mention of death sends shock waves in us.

Why are we so scared of death? Because death interrupts our plans. It separates us from our bodies, our near and dear ones, besides our assets. There is suffering attached to death, and it appears like the end of us.

If we see death dispassionately, it mostly extricates one from an old and diseased body. Isn’t there another body to be obtained after death? Doesn’t our planning become rational, knowing that we have limited time in the present body?

It is said that death accompanies us from the time we are born. Still, we are scared of it. Why? How do we view death when our bodies are hopelessly diseased and giving us a lot of pain? Then we welcome death. What is euthanasia except an urgent call to death?

Therefore, if death is not treated like an enemy and it comes when we need it most, wouldn’t that be a boon? What happened in the case of the saintly person? He was relieved of his unbearable pain.

Let us treat death as a friend. If you accept its reality, it will never scare you.

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