The Power Of Prayer
    Published in: The Pioneer
    Category: Religion
    Dated: 7/17/2010
When we have a problem that we cannot solve immediately, what do we usually do? Most of us worry. And this is self-defeating, because it does not do anything to solve our problems. Worrying is not the same thing as looking for solutions. That would involve some positive action and not keeping on thinking about unpleasant things that might happen.

When faced with a problem, some of us may speak to a relative or a friend. This is helpful in two ways: A solution maybe forthcoming, and there is a sharing of the problem, which somewhat lessens its impact. However, there is the danger of showing our-selves in poor light in many cases before those we have confided in.

Some people get depressed when faced with serious problems. They oversleep and tend to lose hope. They do nothing to solve their problem. This is a negative attitude. The fourth way out is to seek expert help, such as going to a doctor when someone falls sick. This is a sensible and constructive approach although help may not always be available.

This is when we may opt for a fifth way of overcoming our obstacles-that of praying. Praying is not a sign of weakness but that of wisdom. We are controlled by the phenomenon of cause and effect but must remember that praying is also an act worthy of a result. If nothing else, a person who regularly prays with full faith will never become hopeless, tolerance and patience are only some of the qualities one develops when linked to god through prayer.

Praying never means that one gives up the good fight. It means involving another party-god-who, unlike ordinary mortals, does not have any limitations. God may help directly by solving the problem or may inspire someone else to help us out who then becomes his medium.

By praying, one breaks the habit of worrying. Some of us are like drug addicts, who worry compulsively even when we have no cause to do so. Isnít praying a boon in itself if we can at least achieve freedom from worrying?

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