Have Time With God
    Published in: HindustanTimes
    Category: Religion
    Dated: 9/6/2010
Imagine what all God can do for you. Is He not omnipotent? Everyone wonders what God is like. You can spend time to imagine the different possibilities. Very few know God well. You can wonder if you can know Him well one day.

Or you can pray to Him like everyone does, and seek what you need. Any thoughts related to God in this period are fine. You can also imagine that God is looking at you; He is watching you. Surrender yourself totally and unconditionally to Him.

If you do any or all of the above, what benefits will accrue to you? There are many and some of them are as follows. You will get linked to God for sure. Isnít that a much sought after objective? You will become peaceful; that is for sure. And in time you will also become blissful. You shall not worry; negativity will gradually leave you.

Once a link is developed with God, other pleasures will pale into insignificance. There is no question of getting bored again. You will begin to feel Godís presence, and if you are looking at His deity form or a photo, that will seem to come alive. Intimacy will develop as one spends more and more time with God. Needless to say, God will give instructions and guidance through the heart, which will sweeten your life. Ultimately, God will reveal Himself.

What are the techniques for spending time with God? One can visit a temple, but a deity form or even a photo at home will suffice. One can look at these forms of God and try to meet His gaze. You donít have to sit in an asan, though that is an excellent way; one can even lie down.

Any time is fine, since God does not need a prior appointment. Chant His names or a mantra, hear shlokas, sing bhajans, or do anything which is related to God.

What are you waiting for? There are too many benefits to miss.

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