Being Cmpassionate
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    Dated: 1/1/2010
BEING COMPASSIONATE AJIT BISHNOI A businessman commuted from Pathankot to Delhi every week for his business. He found overnight trains to be the most convenient. He travelled A.C. First Class. And since he knew his travel dates much in advance, he normally got a lower birth in the coupe section of the A.C. compartment. This way there was only one person on the upper berth, who could possibly disturb his sleep.

Normally, he was lucky. However, one time an aged lady boarded his train at Pathankot. She looked very uneasy because her attendant had missed the train; he was to travel in the 2-Tier section of the train. After finishing her dinner, she was ready to climb to the upper berth.

This was when trouble started. She had an attack of asthma. The businessman was quite alarmed and tried to do what he could, beginning with looking for her medicines. He located them with great difficulty under the guidance of the lady, who was having serious difficulty in breathing; let alone talking coherently. Fortunately, he managed it and administered the medicines to the desperate lady.

She came back to near normality in health until she received a call on her cellphone. He did not know what transpired, but she was distraught. He did not know what to do, and tried to comfort her as best as he could, being a total stranger to her. When she did become somewhat quite, he offered to exchange their berths, to which she agreed readily. The night passed off without any further hiccups, though he could feel her restlessness by her tossing and turning. On waking up, she told him that she was to continue on to Jammu. He then spoke to the conductor accompanying their coach and requested him to especially attend to her in view of her frail health. When his station came, he got down. The lady thanked him profusely.

What makes people compassionate. This is a divine quality and is found in people who are essentially in the mode of goodness. Such people make friends instantly. All religions glorify this trait. Rather they encourage people to develop this quality. Let us become compassionate ourselves; we have so much to gain by doing so.

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