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    Category: Spirituality
    Dated: 12/16/2010
Search for contentment There is a verse in the Bhagavad-Geeta in which Lord Krishna states, “O Partha, there is no compulsion of duty for Me in the three worlds, neither there is anything remaining to be obtained which is also worth getting. Still I am engaged in action.” I had not been able to fathom the true purport of these words until recently when I had the blissful felling that there was nothing further to be obtained; and that I have more than everything that I ever desired. Lord Krishna describes the liberated state in which a soul is in a similar mind-set. Sample this verse: “One, who is blissful within; has satisfaction within; and also has illumination from within, he, immersed in the Brahman, is a yogi; he attains blissful liberation in the Supreme.” Material desires mean bondage to the material world, which in turn means repeated birth and death. How do you achieve such a blissful state? These measures will be helpful. Connection with God is important, without that it is not possible. Lord Krishna assures, “These people who worship Me with undivided attention, meditating, for these regular practitioners of yoga, I help in getting what one does not have and security of what one has.” When we have made this connection with God, who is the source of everything, then why would we want to depend on an intermediary? We also need to transcend material achievements/successes. We desire something material; we strive for it; and many times we succeed. This gives satisfaction, but such feelings are short-lived. They last only till the appearance of new desires. The sequence goes on for everyone except those who have taken complete shelter in God. Material desires are overpowering, and it is not possible to transcend them unless one gets active help from God. This is the real soul consciousness, similar to God’s consciousness. At the level of the soul, material cravings cease, and one realises their insufficiency. One becomes blissful; material thoughts disappear. And that is the liberated stage. Ajit Bishnoi C-2/14, Vasant Vihar New Delhi-110057 Ph: - 26142157
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