Emotions And Thoughts Hold The Key
    Published in: Eternal Solutions
    Category: Practical Life
    Dated: 12/1/2010
Imagine a family member ranting and raving. He shouts and abuses other members. How would this affect them? They would surely be upset and may even react violently. Next imagine a family member detailing a scheme to others, which would benefit all. How would they react? They will surely be very pleased.

What do these two examples convey? That our emotions and thoughts affect the lives of those connected with us. If that is so, how about the effect on the person whose emotions and thoughts are affecting others? The answer is obvious: he will be also affected, and maybe more than others. What does this tell? That emotions and thoughts have bearing on us, our health.

In a well-documented research, two groups of patients were selected for study. One group was given the regular treatment, while the other group was taught, additionally, to practise positive thoughts and healthy emotions such as peace, satisfaction, etc. Guess what! The patients, who practised positive thoughts and good emotions had faster and more effective recovery.

Now imagine a person sitting down and imagining how his future life will pan out. Suppose he visualizes that it is going to be dark. What will be the reaction in his body? He will surely generate bad chemicals/toxins. Now reverse the picture; he visualizes a very happy future. How would his body react? His body will react positively.

It is an accepted fact that we all wish a good future, but we are severely handicapped by our negative thoughts, bad emotions like hate, greed, anger etc and poor visualizations. This is normal because our desires far outstrip our capacity. But visualize that we have a very powerful person helping us. How would we feel about our future? We will feel very assured and elated. Fortunately, everyone can tap such a person if we care to connect with Him. He is God, who is all-powerful. Why not befriend Him? What is there to lose? We are all making efforts to make our future secure, happy and peaceful, but we are hampered by our wrong emotions, negative thoughts and poor visualizations. Now we need to reverse them, and we will see what changes such a practice brings to our lives. Even the atheists will be able to maximize their potential. What is there to say about the faithful, who will be assisted by God!

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