Peace And GOd
    Published in: The Pioneer
    Category: Spirituality
    Dated: 5/1/2011
The Bhagavad Gita says,Ē There is no real intelligence of the faithless and for one who has no faith, there is no proper consciousness, and for one who has no proper consciousness, there is no peace, and from where could there be any happiness for one who is not peaceful?Ē

Have you ever wondered about the connection between faith and intelligence, consciousness and being at peace? We are aware about the necessity of peace for being happy, but why does faith in God have a direct bearing in such an important aspect of our lives?

We become anxious or fearful about something or other. This is not unusual. How do we get over such feelings? Can we solve these problems. No, we cannot. How can we be in peace then? We can be if we have faith in God, who is all-powerful.

Why should God come to our rescue? He will if we follow his instructions as mentioned in the Bhagavad Gita. Donít we look after a person under our care if he or she obeys us completely?

Is being well-behaved difficult? No, itís not. There are millions of people who are good; they have faith in God; they are highly disciplined; they restrain themselves from harmful attractions; they are engaged in tapasya (austerity), and are at peace with themselves. They couldnít be doing all these unless they have faith in Godís existence. No one can remain in peace if he or she believes in the chance theory ─ that anything can happen anytime.

Can we be sure about getting answers to our problems unless we are connected to God, the omniscient? What will be the point in praying if there is no God? Can we inspire other people to help us, without which we cannot even survive? God does that for us if we believe and trust him.

The feeling of well-being is a result of experiencing Godís presence around us. We can be satisfied with whatever we have if we have the luxury of divine friendship. Can we be remain hopeful without the presence of God? And finally, real sanity is only possible for the devotees of God, otherwise itís nothing but a pipe dream.

One needs to understand that there is an incontrovertible connection between peace and God. One must, therefore, get connected to the Lord, and become peaceful, if that is what you are missing.

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