Faithfully Yours
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    Dated: 6/13/2011
The word faith is defined as a strong religious belief in certain things like the existence of God and that and that He is omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent. We can link with him by following his instructions. He helps those who connect with Him, the award of liberation being his greatest gift.

How does one develop such a faith? Some scientists believe that faith is in-built, and that we are wired to be spiritual. Otherwise, how come we pray when we are in serious trouble?

But faith varies from person to person. For most of us, it is limited to seeking some favours from God by performing some rituals. Such rituals should not become an end in themselves.

Having strong faith has many benefits. One would not be reckless since one would know that all acts have reactions. A faithful person would have very little to fear as he would be doing everything under the direct guidance of God. In case there is a misfortune in his life, he will have greater strength to tolerate and face it. Faithful people tend to be cautious and avoid making mistakes.

Faith in God helps one counter worries as it helps remove ignorance that creates most of our worries. Faith gives one courage, and faithful people are never hopeless. Faith leads to the development of positive qualities like peace of mind, enthusiasm, perseverance, patience and mental strength.

Faith heals by activating our immune system through the versatility of the brain. The faithful gains long-term perspective whereas the faithless are likely to be attracted to immediate gains. Those who have linked themselves to God develop the sixth sense which can work beyond material intelligence.

Faith inspires cooperation as the faithful knows that we are all different parts of the same Almighty. One gets sincere and positive in every action on undertakes. The faithful knows that being good towards others in being good to one’s self.

(Extracts from the writer’s book, Spiritual Sense)

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