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    Dated: 6/16/2005
One day a hunter trapped a parrot, put it in a cage and took it home. The caged parrot was unhappy and would not eat anything. The hunter was sad seeing the parrot’s condition and asked if he could do anything for it, short of releasing him. The parrot requested the hunter to go back to the place where he had trapped it and convey this news to its partner.

As soon as the second parrot heard what had happened, it dropped from its perch. The hunter brought this news back to the imprisoned parrot. He was startled when this parrot too dropped to the floor of the cage. Left with no choice, the hunter took the parrot out. He was taken by surprise when the parrot flew away. The trapped bird wanted a solution to free himself and the other parrot had provided the answer.

Usually when we are faced with problems that seem insurmountable, we give up and lament. But Lord Krishna does not agree with this attitude : “Get help by approaching a knowledgeable person. He can help since he has seen the truth”. When we are in trouble, we become part of the problem. Another person who has nothing to do with our problems is in a better position to provide solutions.

The important thing to remember is that problems are not always insurmountable and if we approach God, nothing will be impossible. The best thing to do is to stay positive, no matter what the circumstances and look for help. One may be surprised by the outcome.

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