Mind And Laptop
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    Dated: 3/28/2005
The human mind has created a wonderful piece of equipment called the laptop, which has become a standard tool for a modern man. Countless people carry their laptops wherever they go, and can hardly be separated from them. The mind, on the other hand, is an integral part of all of us that always remains with us. There are amazing similarities between the two. Like the laptop for a modern man, the mind is the hub of all activities in a human being - whether seeing, hearing, eating, meditating etc.

Both the mind and the laptop have tremendous potential for work. But a sharper mind has higher capacity to process data. Both need to be charged. For the mind, sleep and meditation are necessary. Both receive inputs, one receives through tele-communications and the other through its senses. What is virus for a laptop, wrong thoughts are for the mind. While anti-virus software cleans the laptop, some proper solutions do likewise for the mind.

Laptops come in various models, so are minds ranging from very dull ones to very sharp ones. Like laptops, the mind can be further sharpened through higher knowledge and some training. Though both the mind and the laptop are complex, the former is far more intricate than the latter. Besides, both require operator’s manuals for their proper functioning. For the mind, these are bonafide scriptures.

Both of them can crash or get affected by improper use, that is depending upon where one connects to. For the mind, what one sees, hears, eats and touches are vital for its health, similar to laptops logging on to different information sources , one connects the laptops to electric supply only after ascertaining line voltage and cycles in order to avoid damage to it.

However, we are not so discriminating in the case of our minds. Proper use of a laptop justifies money spent on it. Similarly, the mind, if improperly used, is a shame. Both can be damaged by misuse. By practice, one makes the best use of both these implements. Laptops can be upgraded, so can minds by higher spiritual knowledge. Their proper use bring definite rewards.

It is a known fact that we generally use our laptops properly, but, unfortunately, many of us are quite whimsical about how we use our minds. In fact, speculations are quite common among us. In the Bhagavad-Geeta, Lord Krishna warns against this tendency, “Let the scriptures be your guide” (16.24). Also, “Take help from a teacher when in doubt” (4.34). Still we prefer to speculate endlessly. We opt to fear and worry, whereas proper and timely actions and tolerances (2.14) are recommended in the scriptures. Our minds are invariably attached to what we want and what we don’t, though many a times both are beyond our control.

Lord Krishna, therefore, instructs to ascertain what can be done by us and just focus on the same instead of worrying about the results (2.47). Our minds, which are habituated to worry and fear, need to be trained to become pro-active. Suffering cannot be eliminated, but surely one need not endure what our minds inflict upon us by their speculative tendencies. It has been stated in the Bhagavad-Geeta that a little effort goes a long way to remove a fear of great intensity among human beings (2.40). Once someone is in a active mode, he or she soon realizes the options available to him or her and does not speculate endlessly, which have mostly fearful consequences in one’s life.

Laptops have been created by the human mind in its own image, but still there are significant differences between the two. The speed of the mind cannot be matched by laptops made so far. Similarly, a laptop can be replaced whereas the mind cannot. Therefore, more care and proper use of our minds is paramount in order to reap the benefit of this wonderful gift from the all-pervading God, rather than letting it become an oppressor due to lack of proper training.
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