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    Category: Spirituality
    Dated: 12/13/2004
Winston Churchill once said : “Keep the gun-powder dry and have faith in God”. Both are necessary as neither is likely to be sufficient in itself because, generally, “God helps those who help themselves”. Leaving everything to God is not likely to help us since that would be a recipe for laziness, which God would not want. If we, on the other hand, are doing our bit, we can expect God to help us. Let us consider for the sake of argument that if we are doing whatever we can, then do we really need God ? Can God just be a concept, a figment of the imagination, what is fashionable ? Would it be prudent to discard God ?

A scientific study has pointed out that human-beings are wired to be spiritual. Why is it otherwise so natural to pray ? And praying is not all emotions since by praying we achieve many things at the same time. We avoid going into a panic ; get time to think rationally ; are able to weigh our options and can retain hope and sanity. This is truer when we are faced with an insurmountable problem, when the all-powerful God alone can help. Miracles are performed by God, and we all need miracles from time to time. And having done our best, in whose hands would we want to leave our fate ? Of course, in the hands of God.

God has many traits that are vital for our well-being. He gives strength. Scientists have accepted that chanting OM before a major surgery helps. Similarly, the meditation’s utility is greatly recognized in today’s world. Studies after studies have confirmed that faith heals and is highly useful since it gives right commands to the brain. Human brain is like an electrical unit which can both cool and heat, depending upon how we use it. When fearful, the brain secrets depressants, toxins ; it produces serotonin, anti-oxidants and useful energy, when it is hopeful.

One person I know, quite happy after completing a difficult mission, went out for a swim in the ocean. Without realizing, he swam too far. When he looked up to the shore, he knew he was in trouble and forthwith went into a panic. But being a believer, he prayed for strength and survived to tell this story.

God inspires us in many ways. Who else but God is to be given credit for the brilliant insights, revolutionary ideas and the great initiatives that we sometimes come up with ? In Bhagavad-Geeta, Lord Krishna confirms this fact, “I, sitting in your hearts, am the source of memory, knowledge and necessary forgetfulness” (15.15). He inspires us to be active, as Lord Krishna inspired a depressed Arjun ; one only needs to pay attention to His commands/instructions.

God symbolizes justice. Having done whatever one can, what is one to do ? A very dear person has gone on a dangerous mission, what does one do in such a situation ? Being a small cog in a giant wheel, we are incapable of ensuring the desired results. (2.47). The best course is to leave the results in the hands of a fair person, and who can be fairer than God.

God also means fearlessness. In Bhagavad-Geeta, Lord Krishna states fearlessness is a quality of men endowed with divine nature, that is who are faithful. With limited strength that we possess, we always need a strong support, an anchor to tide us through difficult periods. No one is invincible, and, therefore, staying connected is so vital.

God represents order, whereas chance gives rise to fearfulness. Most human beings shall easily accept a fair punishment, but not uncertainty. Faithful know that justice shall be done, which is very reassuring. Chance instills fear and hopelessness, whereas God is a symbol of ultimate hope and goodness. God also unites. Everyone can agree to come together under God, which is hardly possible with human beings. One philosopher even said : “If God did not exist, we would need to invent Him”. God brings universal brotherhood, since we are all his children.

So why are more people not faithful ? Three major factors are responsible. First, the so-called spiritualists who, by talking rubbish in the name of God, create doubts in the minds of people about His existence. They make all kinds of false promises in His name and make aetheists out of common people. Their literature is a major cause for erosion of faith. Write any nonsense and claim it to have been received from God. Then how does one make out as to what is real ? Any instruction which can be practiced ; connects one to God ; gives real benefits when implemented ; and is eternal in nature, should be considered bonafide. Anything which divides ; creates hate ; can never come from one’s father, which God is to all of us.

The third factor which has contributed to creating doubts about God’s existence is competing rituals practiced by different communities. Many of these rituals are fanciful ideas of their inventors who needed to raise a bunch of supporters. And, what better way is there but by prescribing a set of strict rituals to impress ?

God is not an option but a necessity. Lord Krishna states, “There is no peace without faith and how could there be happiness without peace ?” (2.66). There is nothing to be gained by being an aetheist. It makes much more practical sense to be faithful ; one can retain one’s sanity even in the worst of circumstances ; since where there is God, there is always hope.
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