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    Dated: 8/23/2005
A man loved climbing mountains. He could not resist his passion even during winter. Once, when he was out, he was trapped in snow. The man raised an alarm and was assured of being rescued. But he had to remain alive till help was arranged.

The blizzard showed no sign of abating so the rescue team could not make much head-way. But instead of feeling sorry for himself, the man kept on moving in the limited space, thus preventing himself from being frozen to death.

Activity is life and inactivity is death. What are we ? Souls, of course. And souls never become inactive. Even during sleep, there are so many activities going on in our bodies, such as digestion, breathing, etc. No wonder then that in the Bhagavad-Geeta, Lord Krishna emphasised on remaining active. “Be always active since activity is better than inactivity ; one cannot even support one’s body by inactivity”, he said. “You have a right to act but no right to decide its outcome. Also, do not be attached to inaction”. " A person can be neither called a yogi nor a sannyasi if he is inactive".

And, we can see the reasons for the emphasis on being active. The human body works the best when it is active.

It becomes zero in absence of activity. We are a sum total of all acts done either by words, mind or body. We get credit for work done and not for being inactive.

Sleeping and resting also help us in becoming active again. Even pleasures associated with activity are of much higher level than the pleasures of resting. In the Vedic system of living, there is no provision for retirement. Salvation is not achieved by inactivity but by spiritual activities.

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