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    Dated: 12/29/2003
Material Science has made tremendous advances and mankind has been blessed with great technological conveniences, like the internet. However, one thing our material advances have failed to achieve is happiness and peace of mind. One does not see so many smiling faces. Has the life become burdensome in spite of so many conveniences ? lf one were to ask one such non-smiling person, the most likely reply one would receive is : "l am working on some plans and upon the success of such plans, I shall be happy". What about the present ? Can one be sure that one would be happy in future ? Can anyone live in the future ?

Personally, I have heard many people lament they did not make the best use of the opportunities they had in their lives. They postponed the enjoyment part till everything turned out to be perfect according to their plans and that, unfortunately, never happens. What is our experience ? Can anything be made perfect in this material world, which is subject to constant changes ? The stark reality is that everything in this world is destructible and absolute perfection is impossible to achieve. One has to do with whatever one can obtain by his best efforts. Anyone who waits for everything to turn out to be perfect is bound to be disillusioned.

It is understandable that one cannot enjoy one's life, if the circumstances are especially bad. But what about those times which were good ? The ones who wait for perfection shall miss out and the biggest losers are the future living types. The ones who make the best use of whatever they obtain derive satisfaction, which in turn helps them tide over the inevitable bad periods. A living entity is a very insignificant part of the whole creation and thus cannot be a controller. Therefore, a wise person makes the best use of one's present.

Unfortunately, the material knowledge which has taken giant strides is insufficient as far as peace of mind, happiness and security is concerned. One needs real knowledge and that is provided in the bonafide scriptures, like the Bhagavad-Geeta. One can find what one must do and what one must not, through the instructions contained therein. "One should therefore understand what is duty and what is not duty by the regulations of the scriptures. Knowing such rules and regulations, one should act so that he may gradually be elevated" (16.24). By following such infallible instructions, one makes the right moves and avoids the pitfalls of life. Such a person actually buys spiritual insurance guaranteeing him a secure future.

A wise person tries to like whatever he does or at least accepts the reality. A spiritually wise person works towards a better future while not being dissatisfied with his present. Motivation comes from being on the right course. Happiness and peace of mind are a matter of attitude. No one can escape problems in this material world ; therefore, a wise person tolerates his share of inevitable woes. We learn from spiritual science that life cannot be perfect in this material world but can never be a total disaster as well. God, being our father, always allows us to make amends.

The scriptures inform about the real art of living. Living is much more than mere survival. Life is a serious affair but never a grim business. And, enjoyment should not be confused with material sense gratification. It is much more than that : it is peace of mind, happiness and a secure future. God, being our father, wishes all of us to live happily and for that He is prepared to extend all help ; we just need to know how such help can be obtained. The spiritualists repose their trust in God's words and live peacefully and happily by following His instructions.
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