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    Dated: 4/25/2003
There was once a king who was greatly troubled by the affairs of his kingdom. Unable to tolerate his problems any longer, he approached his guru and expressed his desire to renounce his kingdom. When the king repeated his resolve several times, his guru asked him whom he intended to give away his kingdom to. The king said that he did not care as long as he was relieved of his responsibility. His guru offered to take over the kingdom.

The guru then asked about the king’s future plans. The king informed him that he would start trading . “But where will you get the money from” ? "You have already given your kingdom to me, " said his guru.

When the king said he didn’t know what to do, the guru offered him the job of looking after the affairs of the kingdom. He said he wanted a report on the state o f affairs every six months. At the end of six months, the king came back looking quite happy. When asked about the reason for his joy, he said he did not bother about results any more and just focused on doing his job, the best he could.

From this simple story, one can learn an important lesson : possessions and an ownership mentality can cause distress and unhappiness. AII of us come into this world without possessions and leave it without possessions. During our lives, we are allowed to use the resources of this world. As long as we realize that we are just transiting, we will be happy. Any thought about owning things will cause unhappiness as nothing on this earth belongs to us. It can be only used for the period that covers our life-span.

There is a very instructive verse in the Bhagavad-Geeta, which states : "You have the right to perform your prescribed duty but you are not entitled to the fruits of action. Never consider yourself the cause of the results of your activities and never be attached to not doing your duty" (2.47). God alone owns everything, including our bodies. In the Bhagavad-Geeta, Lord Krishna declares that He is the Supreme Lord of the universe, and therefore, the ultimate beneficiary.

Anyone who understands this fact is truly wise and liberated. Can anyone guarantee the outcome of everything attempted by him/her in his/her life ? Can anyone ensure success all the time ? It is not possible because we are cogs in the giant-wheel of creation. We are mere parts of creation and the result of our activities depend on many factors beyond our control. Therefore, a wise person does his best and accepts the outcome, whatever it is. Such a person is truly liberated and free.

There is a misconception that one is truly free only after death. Lord Krishna clarifies : “Those whose minds are established in sameness and equanimity have already conquered the conditions of life and death. They are flawless like Brahman, and thus they are already situated in Brahman" (5.19).

Bring free is a state of mind. An intelligent man does the best he can and is satisfied with his situation. An unwise man feels bound even if he has the best of the world, like the wealthy man who is too insecure about losing his wealth, to enjoy it. Possessions can become a bondage if people become enslaved by them. Learn to live in the present, give it the best you can and you will be happy.
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