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    Dated: 9/9/2005
A shipwrecked sailor ended up on an uninhabited island. Hungry, he searched for food but did find anything. He then became tired and so rested under a tree. The sailor did not know that the tree was very special - whatever thoughts one had under it, would come true. Since he was hungry at that moment, food appeared in front of him. The sailor ate to his heart’s content. He then felt thirsty. Mysteriously water appeared in front of him. Satiated, the sailor slept. He then woke up in the middle of the night and began meditating on what had happened. He became convinced that the tree was haunted. Sure enough, ghosts appeared. Scared, he now became convinced that he would die and he did. Such was the power of the tree.

The story is indeed imaginary but the idea is not. This is a story of our lives as well. From time to time, one feels hopeless. This in turn wrecks our mental health. Many of us do not realize that thoughts are also deeds. We act with our minds, words and bodies.

It is not too difficult to understand this since all acts first appear subtly in our minds and then take their visible forms. And the proof that mental acts are physical, lies in the prevalence of psychological ailments. No thought is without effect even though we in our ignorance may assume otherwise.

So what is the solution to get over our obsessed minds ? The Bhagavad-Geeta has the answers. “Do not allow the mind to be unfettered ; bring it under control from wherever it goes”. It is wise at this time to go into the prayer mode. Lord Krishna says, “In my consciousness, you shall be able to overcome all obstacles”. A human being is restricted but God is not ; nothing is impossible for Him.

Again the Bhagavad-Geeta says, “I shall give you the necessary insight, a solution” (15.15). And then, “You have a right to act but not to decide its outcome” (2.47). Therefore, leave the thought of consequences to God. This way, dark thoughts can be controlled. Just act in the best way.
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